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Welcome to tinyPM Documentation

This is a place where we gather all the knowledge that you can be looking for when working with tinyPM. The documentation is divided into following sections.

Download tinyPM
tinyPM Community Edition is available for FREE for teams of up to 5-users!



Here you will find installation instructions for all available tinyPM packages. Right now tinyPM is available as WAR application installable in Tomcat or as a standalone version with bundled Tomcat and HSQLDB. The first one is recommended for production use, while the second one is quick to setup and look around in tinyPM, thus is best for quick evaluation purposes.


Here you will find how to upgrade existing tinyPM instances, how to tweak it for optimal performance, backup it and so on.
So here is the place that any tinyPM administrator may need.

User Guide

tinyPM is very straightforward and really easy to use, but here you will find some information on how to get started as well as how to use some more advanced options in tinyPM. If you want to get most out of tinyPM read this section.

For Developers

tinyPM provides REST API over HTTP as well as pluggable architecture for integration with external sources and systems. If you are a developer and want to extend tinyPM in some way, then this is a place where you will find out what you can do.

? If this documentation doesn't solve your problem or has left you with any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@tinypm.com
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