Agile Product Management

tinyPM helps you with agile product management from vision to implementation. Build your product backlog with user stories and work iteratively to deliver it. learn more »

No Dogma!

tinyPM does not imply any particular methodology, but gives you well known elements like iterations, user stories and leaves the choice how to use them to You. learn more »

Distributed Collaboration

tinyPM supports collaboration within distributed teams and it does it for real! Share project knowledge, leave comments and get notified whenever your team mates respond. learn more »

Ease of Use

Tiny effort, perfect management is our mantra. This means that we build the tool as easy to use as possible. This way tinyPM is so well accepted by your devs, business and clients. learn more »



and counting... active companies in version 3.1


diffrent features to manage like iterations, user stories, tasks and many more...

Maureen Padgett, John Wiley & Sons
We have been using tinypm for a few months now and we really find it useful. We looked at many tools, most of which we found to be overcomplicated and irritating. Since we are trying to work in an agile as possible fashion, we were looking for an agile straightforward tool. Well, this is definitely it. We highly recommend it.

Maureen Padgett, John Wiley & Sons

David Anderson, Ofwat
This is an excellent product for small to medium agile projects. As our team has evolved (splitting locations, adapting to home working) this product has slotted in and replaced our home-built tools. It has supported our Scrum processes, easing some of the admin burden and giving us some simple-to-use tools to manage our iterations. We had some problems getting parts of the system to work, but the support we received from the TinyPM team was outstanding. I'd recommend this product to anyone thinking of moving away from paper and spreadsheets, or just trying to simplify the governance of an Agile project.

David Anderson, Ofwat

Paweł Lipiński, Pragmatists
We've been using tinyPM in our projects for the last 10 months. It simply does what you need for management of an agile project. Not only is the application intuitive and user-friendly, but also stable and fast. Even our client after having used the application in our project has decided to buy it. Great job tinyPMers!

Paweł Lipiński, Pragmatists

Piotr Żołnierek, anixe Polska
Excellent lean approach. I can only highly recommend this product. It has exactly the right features you need to run a lean project.

Piotr Żołnierek, anixe Polska

Some of our Clients

Features Overview

tinyPM is easy to use, yet powerful agile tool. Take a look inside...


  • SaaS version (Sign Up Now!)
  • on-site version (local)
  • advanced permissions management
  • free Viewer role
  • detailed activity history
  • configurable e-mail notifications
  • time zones support
  • full text search (stories and wiki pages)
  • Localized (Chinese, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian)

Portfolio Management

  • multiple project support
  • portfolio progress tracking (dashboard)

Tracking and Metrics

  • burn-up charts
  • cumulative flow charts
  • project avg velocity
  • project moving avg velocity
  • project condition statuses (good, bad, warning)
  • project progress in %
  • iteration progress in %
  • total time spent

Backlog Management

  • extensive Drag and Drop support
  • quick in-place stories editing
  • estimation in story points
  • MoSCoW priorities
  • user story tagging and filtering
  • user story color coding
  • list and card views
  • iterations planning
  • iteration goals
  • project burn-up charts
  • file attachments
  • user story comments
  • data export


  • customizable columns
  • extensive Drag and Drop support
  • quick in-place tasks editing
  • quick tasks editing
  • assigning multiple users to a single task (pairing)
  • task estimation (using separate scale)
  • moving tasks between stories
  • default story tasks (automatically added)
  • iteration burn-up chart (story points)
  • iteration CFD (cumulative flow diagram for tasks)
  • file attachments
  • task comments
  • data export


  • syntax: Doku Wiki, Confluence, Trac, MediaWiki (Wikipedia)
  • change history (diff)
  • all projects / single project permissions
  • full text search
  • attachments


  • timetracking
  • monthly reports


  • Beanstalk
  • Bitbucket
  • GitHub
  • Slack
  • Stash
  • API

Plans & Pricing

Start free and check the tool, then select a plan that fits your needs. You can change it at any time.

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You are about to create a free tinyPM 3.1.10 account with our SaaS solution. No credit card required. No installation or hosting burden. You can upgrade your plan at any time.

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89 USD 49 USD / month


25 users

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Unlimited projects

229 USD 149 USD / month


50 users

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369 USD 259 USD / month

Need a license for on-site tinyPM 2.x/3.x?

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tinyPM 3.1.10 WAR

This archive contains a ready to deploy tinyPM webapp prepared for Apache Tomcat 6.0.x and MySQL 5.x

FREE LICENSE: included.

See also: Installation | Upgrading | Migration from v2.6.8 | Changelog

tinyPM 2.6.8 WAR

This archive contains a ready to deploy tinyPM webapp prepared for Apache Tomcat 6.0.x and MySQL 5.x

FREE LICENSE: to get a free tinyPM license please register as a customer in our support site.

See also: Installation | Upgrading | Changelog

Have questions?

Do you offer a free plan?
Yes. You always start with a free PERSONAL plan which allows you to have 2 active user, unlimited viewers and allows you to work on 3 active projects at the same time.
What is a "Viewer"?
Viewer is a user with read-only privileges. This means she can view project data on backlog or taskboard if she is a project team member, but cannot add or modify any content in tinyPM. Those accounts do not use your plan limits, so you can have them as many as you need. They are great to allow all the stakeholders to see what is going on. We love transparency in agile projects.
How big my team can be?
Depending on your plan you get limited number of user accounts that can add and modify content in tinyPM. Those will be your product owners providing you with new stories, developers updating their tasks statues, etc. But you can have also stakeholders who just want to be in touch with the project details. They will be viewers (take a look at previous question) and you there is no limit on those accounts. They are also free in each plan.
How to choose a proper plan?
You need to count team members that will be modifying the content in tinyPM (adding stories, working on tasks, writing docs in wiki, etc.). You don't need to plan too much ahead. If your team now consists of 9 people and you expect to grow to 15 within a few months choose BASIC plan. You can upgrade to PLUS whenever you need.
Can I upgrade my plan later?
Yes. You can upgrade your plan at any time. We will charge you only for the period that you actually use with a new plan.
What happens if I downgrade or cancel my current plan?
If you downgrade to a smaller paid plan then the already charged amount will be added to your balance and used to cover the costs of the following billing cycles (months). We will start charging you again after we use the money you've already paid. However we do not offer refunds for any already settled payments. So you can decide to cancel subscription at any time and we will stop charging you for any following month, but the amount charged in the current billing cycle won't be refunded. Canceling subscription means downgrading your tinyPM account to a free PERSONAL plan.
What if a user is no longer working for my company?
No problem. You don't remove such account. You want to have a history of that user's activity. You just need to deactivate such account. tinyPM counts only active users when checking your plan limits. After deactivating such account, you can create a new account for somebody else (for example for a new team member joining your company).
What if we finish a project? Can it be archived?
This is similar to active users. You can deactivate project that is no longer in progress. This will allow you to free space for other projects in smaller plans where the number of active projects is limited.
What kind of support do you offer?
We provide e-mail support. We guarantee that we will get back to you within 48 hours, but we have never waited so damn long. We answer every e-mail. If this is required we will discuss together the proper way of helping you (like Skype call or some web-meeting with screen sharing). We will just do our best to help you out.